The Premium Halal Brand

Dawn Farms has been producing Authentic Halal products for over 25 years. 

Dawn Farms Habibi–branded and bespoke Halal Products are certified by Halal Control Ireland (HCI) and have been produced to strict Standard Operating Procedures in our BRC accredited facilities.

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  • All Raw Meats used are sourced from approved suppliers.

  • All raw meats used to produce Habibi are slaughtered according to Halal slaughtering regulations and are supplied to Dawn Farms Halal certified.

  • All dry ingredients used are Halal compliant and where appropriate have valid Halal certification.

  • Segregation through Strict Standard Operating Procedures.

  • DNA testing to further verify the process.

  • Dawn Farms policy is to provide customers with Halal certification for the Habibi product following verification of the complete supply chain.


  • Produced under the Dawn Farms Food Plus+ brand protection programme.

  • IQF frozen to seal in freshness and reduce food waste.

  • Ready to Order, Ready To Eat.

  • Local distribution network in place.


  • A carefully chosen selection of Dawn Farms’ finest signature products.

  • Highest of standards and relentless attention to detail.

  • Authentic, simple and responsibly sourced ingredients.


  • Food safety, secure supply and absolute transparency.

  • World-class Food Plus+ promise.

  • Going the extra mile to protect and enhance our customers’ brands.


  • 36 years of culinary craftsmanship, passion & knowledge.

  • Sustained investment in the best people, processes, and technologies. 

  • At the cutting edge of food development.